Beauty is a basic human need

And yet it’s so easy to treat it as a luxury, as something separate from your everyday life.

You usually know when you are hungry, thirsty, cold or tired. But what signals your need for more beauty? Without clear warning signs that you are running low on beauty, it is easy to ignore this need or reserve it for a special occasion.

The everyday is where you spend most of your life. The seemingly mundane tasks of daily living, such as cooking, washing dishes, doing the laundry, getting the children off to school, going to work, are all part of how you care for yourself and others.

When you use beautiful objects on a daily basis, you get a regular dose of beauty. Beauty becomes woven into your everyday life, along with food, water and sleep. Ordinary tasks and routines become something special and the fabric of your life grows richer.

In our world with so many choices, it is important to choose objects that nourish you deeply. It can be easier to go for the quick fix in the moment – the candy bar or bag of chips – rather than the more satisfying option – the roasted beet salad with walnuts and goat cheese. Similarly, the mass-produced towel on sale may feel like a bargain, but it’s the unique, handwoven towel that you really enjoy using and that makes your heart sing. When you choose beauty, you take care of yourself and then are better able to care for others.

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Beauty is is not like a distant satellite, but like a sun that gives life and light to all areas of our life.
Piero Ferrucci
Beauty and the Soul